The Life and Times of A Cat


Hi, I'm Cooggles, and you have found my little home on the web. Come on in and have a look around for a while. I promise I won't bite.

Hello, I'm Cooggles

I've been around for quite a while, 16 years - 112 or so in your human years, and that's a looong time, just ask your mom - and I have a lot to tell you.

Cooggles Front Cover

But besides all my talking, I hope you're here to have some fun. I sure am. So let's dive on in! Because...

There's a lot to see in here

Guess what? I've written a book. And it's just for you. It tells my story, and the story of the wonderful family that I raised..uh, that raised me. They keep forgetting who's really running things here, you know. So with the help of Calleey Horizon, I can now tell my tale to you as it's meant to be told. (It's hard hitting the right keys with these paws, anyway.)

Have a look around my world...

But there is a lot more here than just my little book.

There are links to lots of other really good websites. Sites that have some fun games, sites that will tell you all about us cats (and there's a lot to learn, believe me), and sites that tell you how to take care of us, feed us really healthy kitty food, and lots more!

There are also some sites that your mom and dad might want to look at, too. If you have a kitty of your own at home (and you should!), then there are some great places to go for veterinarians, advice from them, and all kinds of information on the types of illnesses and their symptoms that we cats might happen to get.

And, I've even gone out and found some great RSS Feeds, newsgroups and blogs together for you. You can subscribe to any or all of them, or just click on the orange "RSS" button here on my website, and all this good stuff will come to you straight from the Official Cooggles RSS Feed. It's easy.


Come on in and check it out!

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